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NAIJATECH; Nigerians' premium number one site for online browsing was hosted by the ingenius Mr Dennis Ezekiel and Co. Owner Victory Edike on May, year 2015, to help cater for the browsing needs of Nigerian youths. After much deliberation and consideration, Mr Dennis Ezekiel and Co. Owner Victory Edike; an astute and qualified Web design executives, decided to build and developed the site from scratch with the sole aim of profering quick, comprehendable solutions for the average Nigerian youth browsing cancer. Like a professional specialist surgeon,
Victory Edike went in with a knife and extracted the malignant tumor that was cheap online browsing.

The site which was met with welcome approval at its inception for its cool innovative style, has over the years became Nigerians' most celebrated and best loved site. Although the site was designed to cater for the Global youths craze for Cheap Internet Browsing experience, the site has undergone various metamorphorsis and upgrade to include great features that offer countless solutions to all browsing problems and anomalies for both phones and PC and also a Collection of Tutorials for symbian phones, iPhones, touchscreens, androids, PC and Others; You name it and Victory Edike solves it. The Forum also contain other Social Networking Features like the Jokes, Entertainment, Education boards,with the ever growing PC and Mobile Discussion Section all designed to keep Nigerian Youths connected and informed of what's happening in the diaspora.

Being an ingenious mastermind the likes of myspace and facebook owners, Mr Dennis Ezekiel and Co. Owner Victory Edike also sought to curb and reduce the evergrowing unemployment plague in this great nation of ours by employing all Nigerian youths to make productive use of their internet time by making legitimate money online, He even went as far as producing eBooks and tutorial guides to help get everyone including the novices acquainted with it.

Victory Edike, a competent analyst is always on the lookout for new and upgraded techniques, activities, programs, etc. that might be of use to the Youths and He also organises seminars and training workshops with other professionals to share his thoughts and theories.

But what more can be said for a successful innovator who asked me to compose this introductory text offering kudos only to his ever-productive Admins who He said and i quote; "Are the backbone of NaijaTech.Tk".

NaijaTech.Tk was Started in June 30, 2015 by Mr Dennis Ezekiel and Co. Owner Victory Edike, One of Nigeria's Formost Mobile and PC Youngest Consultant, has a knowlege when it get to Internet and that whats make us the Leader in our Field!

He has Received many Awards and also Lovely Comment from his Fans both on NaijaTech and on Facebook, He is an Internet Wizkid and also a Computer/Phone Geek.

Victory Edike is a Gentle and Caring Guy, Who want people to see themselves as a Great Tool to Move Nigeria Forward, He Loves to live and let others lives.

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We're a group of internet hackers bent on giving you the best web developement tutorials for a better achievement. You can access our site via pc and mobile and have a great time using our sites services.


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